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October 2017



Beach Face

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To warm up in winter I always reflect on summer and all the memories of the sun but also what worked and what didn’t work on my travels, beach days and balmy nights.

One thing I am always prepared for is a whole day at the beach. My friends are always teasing me telling me I am a walking Boots (Priceline if Australia or Hondos if Greece). I love making sure I have all the right goodies to stay fresh and hydrated at the beach which inevitably leads to the bar at some point – when in Mykonos?

So here are my top 5 products and routines for staying glam at the beach

1.      Non-Greasy Moisturising Sunscreen – sun care especially on your face will only help you in life so make it a priority. Use Demalogica Solar Défense in +50. Not only is a high intensity sun cream it is also moisturising without leaving your face greasy and shiny.

2.      Concealer – we all have imperfections so either while at the beach or as you prepare for the bar in the afternoon. YSL Touche Eclat wonder concealer pen is a saviour. I use it under my eyes on my brow bone and as a quick fix for some contouring on the cheeks and nose.

3.      Lipstick – even if you didn’t bring anything else with you lipstick can save your life and entire look. Keep you shades on and your hydrated skin glowing and finish with a bright coloured lipstick. I use TOM FORD lipsticks in Wild Ginger and Flamingo (read previous posts). They also stay on if you go swimming so you can all have your glam moment as you come out of the water bond girl style!

4.      Bronzer/Shimmer – Ok so this is new for me, I guess to really get your glow and glam on you should highlight where the sun has already kissed your face. But not too heavy right? We don’t want to try too hard. Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder has a great shimmer bronze from her LA Look, grab this quick flash across the cheeks and eyes and instantly you are a new you!

5.      Hair MaskAveda Sun Mask is literally the only thing I travel with that saves me and my blonde ambition from ruins. Who has time for hair in the heat? Not me so wet your hair before heading to the beach, pop in the mask, slick it back or plait it. You can swim as many times as you like just reapply before ordering your cocktail and dancing away and slick your hair back. Trust me your hair will love you for it after summer is done!

That’s it lovers, beach glam. Of course, I have a million

other things I cart with me but if I had to choose this

would be my survival kit.

Happy Summer for those in the southern hemisphere

and for those not…. We have a long way to go!

With Love L.



September 2017



My London

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For four years now I have been lucky enough to call London my home. I arrived not aware of how much the city would challenge me and I often tell people who have just moved – be patient, it’s you against London until you manage its rhythm – at which point you will never experience anything like it. When you leave for holidays or to visit family, like an addiction you feel the need to get back to it.

In a city that can consume you it’s important to also find your own version of London. Where you can be alone with the city doing what, you love. For me this is at least one Saturday a month where I have some ‘alone time’ with London town. Given my obsession with finding new pieces and educating myself on fashion and the art of I decided to share with you my London circuit and how to cover all the retail areas in one day. Lunch included of course.

9am: Prepare – Having checked the weather and chosen an appropriate outfit for shopping – something easily to slip on and off and flat shoes! I make an inventory of wants and needs. This helps you also remain productive while you explore boutiques and get distracted with new finds.

10am: Pre-Circuit – Living in Notting Hill I start by passing the local Bodyism Gym and Café for their signature protein shake called Body Brilliance with an extra shot of espresso. This is a great way to give you some stamina until lunch. It also allows you to pass the boutiques of Westbourne Grove before heading onto the circuit. These include Maje, Bimba i Lola and Joseph – it’s also a good time to peruse trends and see what might inspire you for the day.

11am: Arrive St James – Tube to St James allows me to stroll up to Haymarket, the new home of concept department stores and artistic displays from designers, by non-other than Dover St Market. Here I am on the hunt for Gucci motif tee, the Gucci website is telling me there is one left so I head to Level 3 first to assess but am distracted by a suede pair of loafers by The Row. After deciding I didn’t need them onto the T-shirt, jackpot! I stroll down the levels and only to appreciate the displays by Saint Laurent and Celine. On the way, out I also pick up a limited addition Comme de Garcon Dover St White T-shirt. Just because. If it is your first time to Dover St Market allow 2 hours to wander and absorb.

12pm: Onto Mayfair and Lunch: From Haymarket, it’s a short walk to Jermyn street where you can admire the art of tailoring and explore the arcades that link you to Mayfair. My favourite is Burlington Arcade that has wonder perfume and milliners as well as Manolo Blahnik boutique loaded with their most artistic designs. Through the Burlington Arcade and turning right I stop for lunch at Cecconis – enough said except that lunch at the bar is required with a chopped salad, burrata and zucchini fries, washed down with an Italia Chardonnay.

12.30pm: Mayfair calls as Bond street is only a short walk away. But today I am focused on visiting Victoria Beckham as I have a text telling me the retro aviator opticals I wanted have finally arrived – thank you Conner West. Over to Dover Street a five-minute walk to try them on, of course they are perfect and after a tour of the collection and a catch up with the wonderful team at VB it’s time to move on. VB Dover St is an incredible space filled with VB pieces as if they were artwork in a gallery while fig Diptique candles fill the air. This is a must see for fashion lovers.

1.30pm: Regent St – Remembering at the start of the day I had a list. I need a new Ralph Lauren Shirt for work and the beach. If you read my previous posts you would know my RL White Shirt has been my uniform at the back for a while now and something I recommend to all my friends and family. Its cotton, it breathes and it protects you from the sun and it’s so chic and minimal. So, Regent St, 10 mins walk from Mayfair and full of flagships I make my way to RL and pick up my new shirt and some socks for my other half – they really are great socks for men, in bright blue red and stripes!

2pm: Soho: by now I realise I need a coffee and make my way across Regent St into Soho to the Australiancoffee shop Flat White, only take way for me as I need to move on and finish my list. I need perfume, although my Tom Ford Black Orchid will never leave my dresser I want something fresh for summer, light and fresh so I make my way to Le Labo, after reading about them recently I am making a special effort to the concept store, where every bottle is personally labelled with your name. I purchase after a long conversation about the brand with the shop assistant and I am sold, purchased my first bottled from Soho and tick one more thing is off the list.

2.30pm: Selfridges – Realising I need to end my day at Selfridges Oxford Street I slowly make my way out of Soho down Oxford St. Selfridges in my opinion is the best one stop shop in London and is filled with beautiful things. I also believe the beauty floor, which upon arrival fills you with excitement and nice smelling things is the best in the world. Knowing I have a list at MAC, YLS and Aesop I go upstairs first to admire the new book section filled with Tachen books on all topics but mostly fashion, and to see the RTW collections in their natural state. Selfridges will consume you for at least 3 hours at which point its now 5.30pm, and filled with shopping bags it’s time to go home.

5.30pm: Granger and Co – having made my way back to Notting Hill I am happy and so is London as another day of bonding ends. Every experience is like I just arrived four years ago, with the same excitement and challenges and yes although I am exhausted I never want to leave. It’s time for a wine at Granger and Co on Westbourne Grove and some fresh Australian cooking to make me feel more at home.

And there you have it lovers, My London.

with Love. L.



June 2017





May 2017



Courchevel 1850

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Dressing up for Courchevel 1850 – Outfit details of my last night out in Courchevel 1850. I’m sharing this as I say good bye to cold london and hello summer with a top of 25 today! 

They key to packing for a ski trip is not just about your ski gear but what you will wear for apres ski and evenings out. My mantra is to stay warm but stay stylish. These key pieces can be mixed and matched and don’t crease in your suitcase! Details below!

  1. Yves Salomon Vest
  2. Wolford Body Suit
  3. VB midi skirt 
  4. Suede Gianvito Rossi Pumps 
  5. VB pouch 
  6. Christie Nicolaides Earings 

Keep your hair and makeup simple. Skiing can mean you are washing your hair everyday so be sensible and don’t over style it. 

And so until November lovers … goodbye winter and yellow summer! 

Love L.



May 2017



Marni Birds 

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Marni Birds …What are you talking about? Is what most people say when I have mentioned it. So here is what I am talking about! 

A few months ago while in Paris and looking for a pair of resin earrings from Italian designer Marni I came across one of their exciting projects in coordination with Art Basel – Marni Happy Birds. 

To explain further As part of their annual Christmas Charity Project the fashion house teamed up with Colombian craftsmen to create ‘Happy Birds’ and are made from a combination of metal and wood. 
So perched in a flock in and outside the store I admired these Marni Birds as if they had come to life. It’s popular art meets sculpture coordinated in colour block . After my enquiry to take a Marni Bird home with me was rejected I found myself wondering when and if I would be able to get my hands on one – after all it’s easier than a real pet and I believe an extension of your personal style is how you style your home.

As it goes six months later I am in luck – Marni has launched their new commercial Marni market and online concept store of homewares and accessories and featuring the Marni Happy Birds. 

Therefore I am happy to announce that two of these Marni Birds have landed on my doorstep. Self named and as per the picture below please welcome Marni the Penguin and Claudia the sparrow. The big question is, will their be a third addition to my new Marni Bird Family? 

Oh and you are probably wandering if I got those earrings ? No luck on those but Marni’s SS17 collection is worth viewing at and while you are there visit the Marni Market for your own Marni Happy Bird!

With Love L.



May 2017



Lake Como Love 

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After a recent visit to Lake Como and being blown away I cant help but share with you some of the great places to see and eat at and most of all what do you wear?

I’ll start with where is Lake Como? A question I have been asked alot. Lake Como is a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Milan, Italy. Its situated close to the Swiss and French Boarders and is one of the largest in the area. Lake Como is well known for its greenery and gardens while also being able to see the snowy alps in the distance. The lake spans +80kms so where do you stay? Bellagio is the centre of the Lake’s tourism but also style, boasting boutiques, gelato shops and restaurants to die for. It is also the home of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, previously frequented by Mussolini and Hollywood circles in the 50s – I highly recommend a lunch by the pool which is lake side followed by a slow stroll through its impressive gardens, and dress up!

The Lake is known for its famous Villa’s historic and grand they are all worth a trip to by speedboat where you can stop and see other villages and enjoy long lunches. Two must do’s are Villa Balbianello in the Village of Lenno, Villa Tremezzo in Tremezzo and Ville D’Este in Cernobbio. Villa Melzi in Bellagio is worth the time if just to admire the incredible horticulture and art that is the garden.

If Villa’s by Day then by night was is on offer? This is your opportunity to sample real hearty Italian food and wine. Bellagio offers a wide range of restaurants from Michelin star to family run. Definitely try Salice Blu ( the Chef will pick you up and take you to the restaurant) and Barchetta in the small laneways of Bellagio for a real Italian pizza – order the white Gorgonzola! Divine! The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni will offer you Michelin star quality and the sparkling lake for a view.
So what do you wear amongst the grandeur of these historic Villas? I had three go to outfits, with three thought through total looks I could mix and match all pieces over the three days. Outfits and details are below. It’s all about flowy dresses, midi skirts and a touch of glamourous accessories. Flats are a must for the cobble stone streets and steps! Grab a blow dry at the Hotel Belvedere Salon for 20 euros and you are set!

Outfit 1 – For the Villas

Zimmermann Caravan Maxi Dress in Leopard worn with matching one piece |Ancient Greek Sandals, Thais style with Silver customised detail |Sunglasses by Sienna Alexander – new London Designer.

Outfit 2 – For The Evening 

Zimmermann Silk Ivory Midi Skirt |Victoria Beckham Matches Silk Cami |Nicholas Kirkwood Gold Mules |Christie Nicolaides White Tassel Earrings |Gucci Chain Bag in Black

Outfit 3 – For the Garden

Zara Denim Jacked |VVB SS17 High Waist Boy Shorts |VVB SS17 Humming Bird Cotton T-shit |Zara White Leather lace up oxfords |Yosuzi Hat – you have seen this before!  

With Love L.



March 2017



Summer wants

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Once again wishing the coat weather away and scouting around for those weekends away in Greece and Europe lapping up the 3 months that represents summer and sun. Last year it was all about simplicity and minimalism. This year I think there are still those elements to consider when putting outfits together but that one stand out piece is going to be pivotal.

I have a look in mind that satisfies this idea. It is all about the statement beach smock with ethnic embroidery and colours. Think Aegean blues and mustard yellows or white! My number one want is a March11 mini dress. The designers came to life in 2016 where their heavily embroided beach dresses popped up in every coastal location considerable over European Summer. They at inspired by travel and any one piece can use up to 3000 meters of embroidery and can take days to complete. 

To go with my minimal taste I’m going to pair this with K Y M A sandals in nude and my VB flat top visor shades. A note on Kyma sandals- currently rivalling the Ancient Greek Sandals have created classic minimalist leather sandals with a signature blue sole. Finalise this look with a slicked back pony and bronzed skin will be the only additional accessory you need! Alternative thoughts for me also include the use again of my YOSUZI HAT which I have written about a few posts ago. 

If you don’t want to invest in a March11 piece just yet then Zara has similar smocks and dresses see below. Love this black and white piece at a steal for £29 pounds and the off the shoulder dark blue dress for £39.
Happy Summer and always with Love L.



February 2017



The London Look

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The re-launch of VB for Estée Lauder happened last Friday at the ever so inspiring flagship at 36 Dover St. Victoria, quoted below has taken what she loves and uses every day and created a collection for the every day woman! Alan Pan Global make up artist for Estée Lauder was on hand once again to complete my look! 

Alan created the London Look here with a smokey eye using manly two very useful products. The first the VB eye pencil roughly drawn onto the upper lid and then it’s all about smudging. Top that off with the edgy black shadow across the lid, some morning aura on the cheekbones a nude lip and there you have it! The London Look by VB for Estée Lauder.

And of course it would not have been a visit to Dover St without trying on SS17. The RTW collection is all about relaxed tailoring and lots of vibrant blue in signature dresses and for VVB sophisticated pieces with an arty edge all inspired by Palm Springs. The long awaited SS collection also houses the famous crushed velvet mint green skirt and linen trousers as seen on Victoria after the show in New York. Stay tuned for more as Spring approaches! 

With Love L. 



December 2016



Southern Hemisphere Dressing

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Merry Christmas fashion lovers! This will be my final post for the year with more to come in 2017!

Now I have landed in Australia for a warm family filled Christmas break, it’s time to dress not only for the occasion but for the weather! 

With the humidity dial being turned up and an average temperature of 30 degrees it was time to put the London freeze behind us. My first tip and trick is with hair, don’t push it and don’t wast time straightening hair that the air will frizz up in 10mins! Slick it back, neat and tidy and guesss what it cuts getting ready time down by half at least!

Now for dressing! Heavy fabrics just won’t do so keep your wardrobe polyester free and full of linen, cotton and silks. Style wise floaty and free is my philosophy in an Australian summer but always add a point of interest to your look whether it be with earrings sandals or your make up. 

My outfit is by Victoria Victoria Beckham and it’s made from pure silk. The strapless neckline gives a subtle elegance and femininity to the dress. From there the A line cut with pockets is signature to VB looks and also adds some fashion edge to this pretty dress. Lastly the confetti print is modern and fun and will be a talking point at any holiday do! 

Wishing you all a happy new year and a fab start to 2017.

With Love L.



December 2016




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‘There is no better designer than nature‘ Alexander McQueen

I was privileged enough to help support the conservation of endangered animals around the world at the 2016 Animal Ball. The  event was help across 40 acclaimed London restaurants for a degustation of each cuisine where guests were presented with a mask to wear to the ball to follow. Each designer was allocated an animal or species for inspiration! The result was a jungle themed room full of masquerade glamour referred to as conservation couture.

While each mask was a work of art in its own right there was also a range of designer gowns to die for. A well curated display of the fashion worlds finest work. And what better way to show it off with a great cause.

I myself was lucky enough to wear and sample a few masks here is each one and their story.

Piers Atkinson by Rosie Beard

This mask was inspired by the Great Barrier Reef – a place I have visited myself several times and is close to my heart. It is the most diverse of habitats. The colourful intricate masks represent the complexity of the reef and the current threat to its marine life and coral!

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi 

This was my favourite and definitely walked to the tune of bwbstyle. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi’s design repressed the Riverine Rabbit. The main threat to this species is due to loss and degradation of habitat with up to 80% of the species now lost. This sultry black velvet like mask was encrusted with jewells and mystery.

The Unicorn Re’em Mask by Noor Fares 

This creation was a little mystical. The mask references and was inspired by all animals with Horns such as the Rhino and Narwhal. This mask is for all of us who have an inner unicorn and it’s modern geometric design is definitely empowering!

Any finally my outfit. For the occasion I chose a skirt and blouse combination inspired by old and new. The old being a vintage silk blouse by Events Australia that my mother handed down to me circa 1980’s. I love its neutral but metallic gold shade. The new was a crushed silk pencil skirt by Zimmerman with a front split. The look was accessorised with a pair of suede Gianvito Rossi pumps and a gorgeous pair of earrings by Christie Nicolaides and my bejewelled skull clutch by Alexander McQueen. I would describe it as vintage with vintage inspired accessories topped off with a Tom Ford Lip in Wild Ginger.

So another fabulous event and display of fashions finest work, Londons best food and for the most beautiful animals of this world. 

With love L.